FreeIngredients Search (by terminology) [Beta]

This is the beta version of our Ingredient search tool in English.
Make sure that you do not miss the incoming updates!

*Please insert the name of the ingredient(s) to be checked. Ex: Maize, Aloe vera, Lecithin, Potassium sorbate, etc.
*Avoid using plural form ("-s"): use singular for your search instead.
*Please make a new search while switching "alpha-" for ""α-" and "a-", "beta-" for "β-", "b-" and "gumma-" for "γ-", "c-".
*Please re-try with a more common keyword. (Ex: "Gelato"→"Ice cream" or "Ice" for instance).
*Multiple items search can be performed at once by adding "、" or a line break between the ingredients.